Balancing and Strengthening Every Aspect of Your Being

Modern healing concepts

TRADUKA is an experienced-based approach to wellness that has evolved over millennia. Rooted in ancient practices, yet connected to modern healing concepts, this approach considers each individual as a whole-person by balancing and strengthening every aspect of your being. More than any other energy-based practice, this approach reaches beyond healing the individual to awaken your self-awareness of being an integrated whole, interconnected to all things. TRADUKA - Iona Scottland ShorelineFrom Ancient Times man has sought a place, always looking for somewhere to belong, to be at peace, and to achieve a sense of balance. This is each one’s goal— to find that place—both within oneself and in society. Nevertheless, we are often frustrated, feel trapped, out-of-kilter, off-balance, rejected, isolated, without vitality or completely shut down. Many times these feelings are emotional or psychological but, more often than not, they masquerade as illness, pain, insomnia, depression, moodiness, a sense of hopelessness, anguish, withdrawal, and/or despair. Your ability to cope with these symptoms only begins when you seek your own inner balance.

The Approach of TRADUKA 

TRADUKA is an approach based on decades of clinical practice that enables you to identify your feelings and then helps you overcome whatever obstacles may be preventing you from gaining your inner balance by unblocking your creativity and confronting what is preventing you from freeing your energy and fully developing your potential. When we confront life’s daily challenges, there is always a way out of any situation if we can only see it, simply grasp the handle, open that door, and walk through to a new reality. TRADUKA sheds light on your current situation so you can see that previously unnoticed exit. TRADUKA does not promise specific or any results; each individual’s beginning and end points in life’s journey of self-awareness are uniquely different. However, TRADUKA is more than an abstract theory; individuals who have used it have had positive results validating its effectiveness (see details under “Results.”)

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TRADUKA does not claim to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, correct, cure or alleviate a physical or mental disease or illness.
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TRADUKA does not claim to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, correct, cure or alleviate a physical or mental disease or illness.