Wendy E Slater Traduka 2015Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 by Wendy E. Slater will be published in the fall of 2015. To date there are 20 volumes of spiritual poetry written by Wendy E. Slater. This will be the first in the series of Wendy’s spiritual poetry or vision quest poetry to be published.
The series of spiritual poetry or vision quest poetry by Wendy E. Slater awakens one to the Truth within as we walk the path, the journey, and wake from the slumber of separation from parts of self and divinity. The resulting self-forgiveness allows one to step forward into wholeness without the false archetype of perfection. When blame and self-judgement are transformed, healed, and cease to be, we have reawakened from the myth, “the mythos”, of separation. We are One.
After a 20 year hiatus from writing poetry, 20 volumes of poetry were written starting during a vision quest to Scotland in 2001. Much of Wendy E. Slater’s poetry was written during vision quests, spiritual awakenings, and the dark night of soul, and this is why Wendy refers to her poetry series, including Into the Hearth, as: vision quest poetry, shamanic poetry, or spiritual poetry. Wendy has great gratitude for being able to share her spiritual poetry with others. This spiritual or vision quest poetry from Into the Hearth by Wendy E. Slater will start to be posted here next week.

This photograph by Wendy E. Slater was taken during a trip to Scotland around 2003.