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TRADUKA offers customized alchemical mists for use as topical and/or fragrance mists that are specifically designed and compounded to harness for you the vibrational and/or resonant energies of natural elements; i.e., crystals, gems, flowers, other things of nature, for use as topical and/or fragrance TRADUKA products. These TRADUKA alchemical mists serve as positive external influences to your energy flow that aid to remove blockages and/or regulate your energy flow.

TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists

By special request, TRADUKA may, in its sole discretion and depending on its production capacity, i.e., work in process (sessions, workshops, newsletters, and TRADUKA mist production), compound and deliver customized TRADUKA mists designed specifically to an individual’s specifications. Each such TRADUKA mist is unique to the individual request.

TRADUKA mists may be used in conjunction with sessions (in person or distance) or not, i.e., as standalone aids to release blockages of your energy flow. Their effectiveness is independent of any other services offered by TRADUKA through this Site.

How to Use TRADUKA Alchemical  Mists

TRADUKA mists are specifically intended to be used as a topical body spray, three (3) to four (4) times a day. The recommended amount is no more than a couple of sprays, i.e., as with spray colognes or toilet waters. ONLY EXTERNAL USE IS RECOMMENDED AND NO INTERNAL USE IS APPROPRIATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. These TRADUKA mists are not intended to be ingested in any manner whatsoever and could be harmful if directly swallowed or otherwise ingested.  If ingestion occurs, we recommend immediate consultation with your local medical practitioner.

How to Order and Payment

All TRADUKA alchemical mists are only available for purchase from this Site using the purchase order form provided below. Payment is to be made via the PayPal link provided. Payment in full must be made and received by TRADUKA prior to shipment of any TRADUKA alchemical mist.

Effectiveness of TRADUKA Alchemical Mists

Although TRADUKA makes no medical or other claims regarding the efficacy of using TRADUKA custom mists to achieve balanced life force energy or otherwise, their effectiveness as an approach, nonetheless, has been validated by numerous positive results reported by their users. Use of such TRADUKA mists as topical and/or fragrance sprays to harness vibrational and/or resonant energies of natural elements; i.e., crystals, gems, flowers, other things of nature, are an accepted and well-documented practice within holistic and/or alternative medical literature. However, because each individual’s results are as different as each individual user, TRADUKA makes no representations, guaranties, generalizations, predictions, or claims, whatsoever or of any kind regarding what specific results may be expected, or whether there will be any results whatsoever from their use.


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