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by Wendy E. Slater

Into the Hearth

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Into the Hearth Book Cover
Wendy E. Slater’s poetry reawakens the soul to unconditional love.  With tenderness and strength, her spiritual poetry encompasses the depths of hidden mystical knowledge, as well as the human experience of loss, pain, sorrow, love and peace.

When you enter into Slater’s world, she takes you on a journey of the soul to unearth love and self acceptance. With empathy, she awakens the reader, word by word, into the healing of blame and self-judgement.

This series of spiritual poetry awakens one to the Truth within as we walk the Path, the journey, and wake from the slumber of separation from parts of self and step into full union with self and divinity.


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Of the Flame

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Of The Flame Book cover


It will be the second in the series of her spiritual poetry or “vision quest poetry” to be published.  The poetry continues to chronicle the inner journey of self-discovery and the Divine, awakening us to our own Truth as we travel the path, the personal journey, and awaken from the illusory separation of self and Divinity. 







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Book Cover for Abundance, by Wendy Slater


Publishing date Spring 2017

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