“A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman.”
~Wallace Stevens

“Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.” ~ Aristotle

Into the Hearth POEMS-VOLUME 14
by Wendy E. Slater
After a 20 year hiatus from writing poetry, Wendy composed 20 volumes of spiritual poetry which began during a trip to Scotland in 2001. This series of spiritual poetry awakens one to the Truth within as we walk the Path, the journey, and wake from the slumber of separation from parts of self and step into full union with self and divinity. The resulting self-forgiveness allows one to step forward in wholeness without the false archetype of perfection. When blame and self-judgment are transformed, healed, and cease to be, we have reawakened without the myth, the mythos, of separation. We are One.

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They Love It with Stars
“This is a very dangerous book of songs. You will find yourself overwhelmed, engulfed, and swept away into the very intimate heart fire of Wendy Slater, the feminine heart fire of love, and in the end you will be left in ashes, totally in love without any object whatsoever, yearning for more.” ~John A. Perks, Author of The Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant, Ven. Seonaidh Perks, Celtic Buddhist lineage

“Wendy Slater’s beautifully crafted verse moves from the pain of farewell to the excitement of arrival, in what may or may not be the ‘land of jasmine, gold and incense,’ which she at least reaches ‘knowing / Where I belong and who I am.’ Her evocations of the world’s beauty, from the familiar to the exotic, serve as a path leading to the inner world of self, while travels reinforce the conviction that the most valuable excursions are those that lead into the heart, and hearth, of truth.” ~ Rosemary Lloyd, Litt.D (Cambridge), scholar and translator, and author of Baudelaire’s World
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Wendy SlaterMy life experience continues to be a personal healing journey of self knowledge, gained by participating in and or observing all facets of my own life story. I seek the meaning of life by giving my own life meaning. Originally a liberal arts student in the 1980’s, I gravitated toward science (i.e., the genetics of small captive societies) during my years of academic study and increasingly became aware, and an advocate, of the interconnectedness of all living things.
This understanding was refined through years of an undiagnosed illness, beginning in 1991, that gradually incapacitated me during the first half of the 1990’s. Ill served by traditional medicine, I sought the help of a holistic medical doctor who introduced me to his world of alternative, nontraditional medicine, beginning with ortho molecular medicine and vitamin therapy, and culminating, among other things, with acupuncture, homeopathy, intuitive healing, radionics, psychic healing, shamanistic healing, herbs, essences, and Chi Gong.
Like Diogenes searching the world for an honest man, I searched traditional and nontraditional medicine for healing. My journey made me increasingly aware that all human societies, throughout the Ages, in each era or geographic location, recognize healers, regardless of the nature of the treatments offered, who communicate with life force energy, external to the individual but at the same time resident within the self.
My realization that balance between these forms of life force energies is key to well-being led me to study and gain experience in radionics, homeopathy, iridology, and meditation; as a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and self-help instructor, and as a student of Tibetan Yoga teacher training; and in Chi Gong, the healing properties of herbs, flower and gem essences, healing crystals and gems, and quantum healing.
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About Wendy E. Slater
After a 20 year hiatus from writing poetry, she has composed 20 volumes of spiritual poetry which began during a vision quest to Scotland in 2001. Much of Wendy E. Slater’s poetry was written during vision quests, spiritual awakenings, and the dark night of the soul, and this is why she refers to her poetry series, including her first to be released, Into the Hearth, as “vision quest poetry”, shamanic poetry, or spiritual poetry. Wendy E. Slater lives in Vermont.