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What is a TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists?

TRADUKA MisterThis is a mist you spray externally on your body or around your energy fields for energy healing, clearing, and inner wellness. It may also release long health blockages and release profound inner healing.

The TRADUKA mists, used as topical and/or fragrance sprays to harness vibrational and/or resonant energies of natural elements; i.e., crystals, gems, flowers, other things of nature, are an accepted and well-documented practice within holistic and/or alternative medical literature.


Why TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists?

Each TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists is unique to the individual needs. These needs are determined during a simple phone consultation.

TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists opens you up to your own self healing and empowerment. It awakens the truth within inside of you.

Each individual lives is affected, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, by environmental influences. Influences can be as simple as someone sitting near you and you pick up on their High or Low energy.

Our “outlook” or “frame of mind” (i.e., how you feel in response to how you are) is but a temporary state of your disposition which varies according to your response and/or reaction to internal and/or external forces. E.g., we feel optimistic in good weather when the sun is shining or depressed during sunless, wet, or cold wintery days. Our outlook influences us and our energy flow and contributes to energy flow blockages.

How to Get TRADUKA Customized Alchemical Mists?

It’s simple to get started. Just schedule a phone consultation with Wendy Slater.

Click here on how to Contact Wendy to pick the best day and time.


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TRADUKA does not claim to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, correct, cure or alleviate a physical or mental disease or illness.