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By signing this Consent, you as a Client recognize that you have read all the terms of this Agreement, and agree with it. If you do not agree with this Consent, do not sign it. You will not be charged for your decision not to purchase any TRADUKA services and/or product offerings.

  1. TRADUKA is not a substitute for a medical evaluation or medical care from a physician.
  2. You understand that no TRADUKA practitioner is a medical physician, nor will TRADUKA diagnose and/or treat any disease, illness, injury and/or other trauma.
  3. Under no circumstances does TRADUKA advocate that you desist or alter ongoing medical treatment or prescriptions without consultation with your treating physician.
  4. TRADUKA treatment addresses energetic imbalances in the subtle or etheric bodies. As a result of this treatment, blockages of this unseen life-force energy may become balanced and flow more efficiently.
  5. The treatment involves the TRADUKA practitioner’s placing their hands on your body (while you are fully clothed). You agree to be touched as this is an integral step in TRADUKA’s trying to strengthen your Subtle Energy. The hand placement does not involve any type of sensory or muscular manipulation. You agree that you voluntarily request, and understand that, such placement of hands is a part of and will be made during the treatment.
  6. You understand that TRADUKA does not attempt to diagnose, alleviate, correct, and/or cure any physical or mental illness, condition and/or disabilities. The TRADUKA practitioner does not treat disease. You understand that it is a treatment to address the wounded part of the individual that exists solely in the etheric world and is not a medical treatment of any kind.
  7. You acknowledge that: (i) you have been fully informed; (ii) you understand; and (iii) you consent to this course of treatment. You specifically request TRADUKA treatment and fully understand and appreciate that TRADUKA makes no, and disclaims all, warranties or representations, express, implied, oral, written or otherwise of any kind or nature whatsoever.
  8. You acknowledge and agree that: (i) any treatment is not guaranteed, but only is a process which is dependent on your cooperation and participation for results; (ii) no guarantees of success and/or results of any kind are made or expected; and (iii) you will not take any legal action against, and hereby release any and all claims against, TRADUKA either arising out of these Provisions (as defined below) and/or for lack of, or the nature of, any results or breach of any guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind. You understand and agree that the prices charged by TRADUKA for its products and/or services are based on your acceptance of TRADUKA’s disclaimers and your agreement to the Provisions of this Consent.
  9. You represent and warrant, and TRADUKA relies on your representation and warranty, that you are 21 or older and, if not, that your legal guardian has agreed to this consent and will be responsible for and pay any charges for treatment(s) provided by TRADUKA, except where TRADUKA has agreed to provide treatment(s) to you without any charge(s), that you request, as evidenced by your and your guardian’s signatures to this Consent. You also agree to complete an intake form in advance of any treatment session to record for TRADUKA your age and contact information (name, address, phone #’s, and e-mail), any prescription and/or nonprescription medicines and/or supplements you may currently take or have taken, any previous and/or current medical and/or health conditions, illnesses, injuries, and/or diagnoses, and contact information for your medical doctor, if any, and/or your immediate emergency contact. You represent and warrant that TRADUKA may rely on the correctness and completeness of any such information you provide on this intake form or otherwise during the course of your treatments, and you agree to assume the risk of your failure to do so.
  10. You agree to be responsible for and to pay any charges, fees and expenses, if any, authorized by you to be charged by TRADUKA for its treatment(s) of you in full and in advance in accordance with the advance payment terms specified on this Site as evidenced by your acceptance of and participation in the treatment(s). You further acknowledge and agree that any charges, fees and expenses so incurred for your treatment(s) provided to you by TRADUKA on a paying basis are reasonable, due and owing, and payable in full at the time any such treatment is provided by TRADUKA. You also represent that you have read, understood, and agree to TRADUKA’s business terms stated elsewhere on this Site.

If you and, as applicable, your guardian agree with the foregoing, please sign below with your full legal name. By doing so you and, as applicable, your guardian acknowledge that you voluntarily agree to accept this course of treatment solely pursuant the terms of this Consent and the business terms and other terms and conditions stated elsewhere on this Site (collectively, the “Provisions”). This Consent may not be amended or changed except in writing executed in the same manner and with the same signatures as this Consent and countersigned by TRADUKA. This Consent is effective from the date of your signature and remains in effect until revoked by you in accordance with its Provisions. You may revoke this Consent only in writing at any time for future treatment(s) only and is effective only when received by TRADUKA. Upon termination of this Consent for any reason, the Provisions of this Consent which either expressly or by their respective nature survive termination of this Consent for any reason shall remain in effect with respect to all completed treatments and incurred charges, fees, and expenses until such Provisions expire in accordance with their respective terms.

Dated at Brattleboro in the County of Windham and State of Vermont this


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I, the undersigned, represent that : (a) the above named Client is not of legal age and (b) I am the Client’s sole legal guardian who requests TRADUKA’s treatment(s) and/or product offerings, accepts on behalf of the Client and myself the Provisions of the Consent, and expressly agrees (i) to be bound to the above stated Provisions of this Consent and (ii) to be personally responsible for payment of any fees, expenses, an charges incurred by the Client in the event the Client fails to pay TRADUKA for products delivered and/or services rendered by TRADUKA to the Client on a paying basis.

Dated at Brattleboro in the County of Windham and State of Vermont this



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