by Wendy E. Slater

Poem “1447” from “Into the Hearth”

1447     The veil, the drapery of the night,           Has lifted from the eyes     Sheers of dappled light              Random moons              And the planet of my                   Heart        Is free from the contrast                 Of light to dark...

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Poem “1418” from “INTO THE HEARTH”

1418       The delicacy         Of these sounds: A train, lizards in the bush,     Distant religious music          Loud enough for me            To chant with,     Celebration of voices           Rising up into the sky            Simplicity with sitar             ...

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Poem “1417” from “Into the Hearth”

1417     I get it now     As a red light          Not just in front     But boxed in by           Was never mine               Nor meant for me,                   But tyranny               Comes in forms, color                        And the boot                  ...

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Poem “1411” from “Into the Hearth”

1411 The greatest present        To give myself     Wrapped in this yellow bow            And I just opened            The receiving,         Receptivity of all,     And wonder at the fear,            Shrapnel of old              Has kept me apart,     And one by one...

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The Poetry of Wendy E. Slater

Into the Hearth, Poems-Volume 14 by Wendy E. Slater will be published in the fall of 2015. To date there are 20 volumes of spiritual poetry written by Wendy E. Slater. This will be the first in the series of Wendy’s spiritual poetry or vision quest poetry to be...

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