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These definitions are unified by one core premise; namely, there is more to life than the physical universe, more than we can ever know or experience. This “world” beyond physical reality is nonetheless as real as physical reality and is described by the following defined terms:

Etheric/subtle energy body

The aspects of our world that are not visible to most. The etheric is also known as the invisible or spirit world. This term refers to the almost duplicate etheric or invisible bodies that all things possess. For example, the etheric spleen is said to be the source of prana or life force coming into the body.

Life Force

Life force is also known as prana or chi. Essentially, life force is strong and vital in a healthy energy, and the opposite in something that is weakened. An excellent example of life force vitality can be seen in a flower. The unspoken fullness of a flower rooted in the soil could be termed strong life force. Once the flower is cut and put in a vase, the flower is still vital and vibrant, yet there is a certain vibrancy that is missing. Looking at the cut flower three days later in the vase gives an excellent example of a weak life force as the flower clearly lacks vitality as it slowly wilts.


This term refers to one who is versed in the area of metaphysics.


This term refers to that which is beyond what is normally sensed either visually or tactilely — like auras and karma and includes the study of how this “unseen energy” works individually, collectively, globally, and cosmically.

Shamanic work

Shamanic work refers to energy work that specifically involves mediation and translation between the visible and invisible worlds by a shaman. This is not a skill that can be learned like a trade. Some are born with this ability to distinguish, decode, interpret, and advocate in this manner. A shaman never manipulates energy nor creates a dependency of client to practitioner. Rather, a shaman’s focus is to liberate and empower the client to find their own truth within.

Shamanic balancing and strengthening occurs by reading and assessing the invisible body which is beyond the limits of time, space and locale. This space where the invisible body resides can be accessed from anywhere by those versed in shamanic work as this timeless place is in the spirit world that is always in the present. In the same way that prayer crosses the boundaries of time and space, so may shamanic work exceed temporal and/or spatial limits.

The invisible realm consists of deleterious and beneficial energies. Oftentimes, negative energies in the varied forms are the cause of imbalances. These energies appear in different regions and etheric lineages of all things from the microscopic to the infinite in size. These energies also appear in different time frames including constant, sporadic, and intermittent in varied life cycle forms of the spirit world.


Shamanism has been around for at least 10,000 years. The shaman can be found everywhere from Siberia and Russia to South America and Europe. The shaman is known as the medicine man or woman in Native American cultures. While each culture or society or individual adds its unique perspective to shamanism, the core ideology of the shaman being a translator and advocate between spirit and the physical remains constant. The shaman connects to the spirit, or the invisible, world at will acting as a conduit to channel Universal Life Force Energy. The shaman makes this Spirit world connection to facilitate balancing the client’s energy flow by removing impediments to the natural energy flow.

Subtle Energy Body Repatterning

This term refers to energy repatterning after impediments to energy flow have been removed. Once a blockage has been addressed, TRADUKA redirects and rebalances the energy or life force in such a manner to set a new energy flow pattern that does not contain the previous constrictions and impediments to the energy or life force.


A term used in the field of homeopathy and naturopathy that refers to symptoms of ill health that may follow after or due to a vaccine.

Vibration, higher/lower

The subtle energy body of all things has what is known as a vibration. The word vibration refers to the resonance and frequency of energy that emanates from a source.

Low vibration describes a density to the energy flow or refers to more of a separation from the natural flow of life force energy. One could say that with a low vibration, there is more resistance to the natural flow of energy than a higher vibration. A low vibration, with its higher density, has a more difficult time emanating, much like a cymbal that is muffled. From the perspective of TRADUKA, low vibration can refer to something acute, like one has a lower vibration due to being run-down. Or in TRADUKA terminology, lower vibration tends to occur with situations that have a more narrow perspective and less of an all-inclusive balanced outlook.

High vibration refers to less of a less dense energy, and therefore, energy can flow in a more unrestricted manner. Visualize a bell ringing out on a clear crisp day, and one can see that there is little resistance to the sound or vibration flowing out in its natural form. Compare that former image to the image of the muffled cymbal, and in the latter situation, there is little impediment to the energy or sound flowing out in its true form.

Low and high vibrations are not fixed and immutable. Rather, these blockages can be released and a new less constricted and more vital vibration level is revealed as one understands and heals the deep wounds we all hold or have held in our hearts, individually and collectively.


Woundings can be thought of as areas in the etheric that hold an electro-magnetic charge rather than being neutral and lacking a pull or push towards other energy. Over time, the charge in a wound locale attracts more and more dense energy that clogs the area and encourages an energy imbalance. Left unaddressed, this imbalance encourages an increased electro-magnetic charge that attracts more dense energy. Consequently, the natural flow of energy becomes impeded and at times obstructed.

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