Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
What to expect from a session?

Sessions, which are by appointment only and can be scheduled by phone, are 50 minutes. It is required that the TRADUKA CONSENT form be signed by the client before receiving a TRADUKA session. Copies of this form are available in the office or please feel free to print out and sign. The client experiences TRADUKA while lying fully clothed on a massage table. Experience differs from individual to individual. The TRADUKA experience has been described as relaxing. For some, deep emotions or old thoughts surface and release as part of the balancing and strengthening.

What does TRADUKA work feel like to receive?

Everyone has an individual interpretation and experience. For example, if several individuals were to each make a drawing of the same tree at the same time, each drawing would be different as perspective is uniquely individualistic. This unique interpretation is universal and can therefore be translated to all experiences. While each client has a unique history and perspective, and therefore, a unique interpretation of the work, a common experience from clients is experiencing a profound relaxation as the client’s subtle energetic body is balanced. The session involves the TRADUKA practitioner gently placing hands on the body in order to open energy pathways for balancing and strengthening in the subtle energetic body. The practitioner’s hand placement does not involve muscular or sensory manipulation.

Can pets receive TRADUKA sessions?

Animals are extremely receptive to subtle energy body balancing. Clients have consulted TRADUKA for pets whose etheric energy has been constricted by acute poisoning, vaccinosis, and hip discomfort. TRADUKA personnel do not hold nor hold themselves out to have any veterinarian degrees. TRADUKA does not claim to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, correct, cure or alleviate any companion or other animal’s physical or mental disease or illness.

Does TRADUKA only work with people and animals?

TRADUKA energy healing is available to geographical places as well as all things, e.g., plants and animals and other tangible objects. TRADUKA does not purport to deal directly with the para-normal but only as such outside influences have impeded and/or otherwise adversely affected an individual’s life force energy flow.

How do I contact TRADUKA?

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TRADUKA does not claim to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, correct, cure or alleviate a physical or mental disease or illness.